MazzeScan is live

3 min readMay 2, 2024


A block explorer is an essential tool, enabling users to engage effortlessly with blockchain data. Recognizing the need for a more intuitive and powerful explorer, we are excited to announce that MazzeScan is now live. This new block explorer is designed to provide an optimal user experience with both an effective interface and robust functionality.

After studying several block explorers in the cryptocurrency environment, our team has crafted MazzeScan by integrating the best features from each. Our goal was to build an explorer that is not only functional but also easy to use, meeting the needs of both novice and experienced users of the Mazze Testnet.

Explore the Features of comes loaded with features tailored for an enhanced user experience:

  • Users can view recent network activity at a glance through the Latest Transactions and Blocks feature.
  • Discover which accounts hold the most influence on the testnet with the Top Accounts feature.
  • Explore detailed information about smart contracts and the different tokens circulating on the network through the Verified Contracts and Tokens feature.
  • Manage costs and verify contract codes easily with tools provided by the Gas Tracker and Contract Verification features.
  • Analyze trends in testnet activity with visual representations available in the Charts and Statistics feature.

A Closer Look at the Home Page

The home page of offers a concise overview of the Mazze Testnet’s vital statistics:

  • MAZZE Price and Market Cap: These figures are drawn from CoinGecko , although purely for demonstration on the testnet.
  • Blockchain Dynamics: View total blocks mined, average block time, total transactions, and wallet addresses.
  • Visual Data Trends: A graph of the last 15 days’ transactions provides quick insights into network activity.

Detail-Oriented Design

We place a strong emphasis on details, as can be seen on the Transactions page. Before the hash of each transaction, there’s a small “i” icon. Clicking this icon triggers a pop-up displaying the transaction’s details, eliminating the need to visit the transaction’s page.

Another interesting detail can be observed on the individual transaction page, under the “State” tab. Here, users can see the amount of MAZZE deducted from the wallet of the transaction initiator (as a transaction fee), and the same amount being credited to the miner who mined the block including this transaction. Additionally, in this example, users can view the token transfers to each address involved in a bulk token sending transaction and how their balances are affected.

Furthermore, users can add any token to their MetaMask with a simple click on the MetaMask icon from the token’s page. is more than just a tool, it’s a gateway to experiencing the Mazze Testnet with clarity and depth. We invite everyone to explore its features and contribute feedback to help us continue improving your experience. Welcome to the future of Mazze Testnet exploration!




Mazze is a Layer 1 blockchain that redefines performance through its PoW-based DAG architecture, achieving 40,000 TPS and 1s finality.