Mazze Team’s Remarkable Productivity Leap in April Surpasses Roadmap Expectations

5 min readApr 27, 2024


Accelerating Beyond Roadmap Goals

April has been a groundbreaking month for the Mazze team, showcasing an exceptional level of productivity that not only met but exceeded the ambitious targets set out in our roadmap. This surge in accomplishments has propelled us ahead of schedule, allowing us to add significant milestones to the roadmap much earlier than anticipated.

Strategic Enhancements to the Mazze Ecosystem

During the first quarter of 2024, as part of our Phase B initiatives focused on community building, we successfully launched our token and initiated the testnet, followed by the creation of wrapped tokens. Engaging the community through a series of well-received activities, including a public sale and token listing on Uniswap, laid a solid foundation for broader participation and support.

Fiat and Wallet Integration Expands Accessibility

April was a milestone month for the Mazze team, during which we tackled several key tasks that were instrumental in advancing the infrastructure of our blockchain ecosystem. One of the major strides was integrating on-ramp fiat solutions with Flooz. This collaboration enabled new users to seamlessly purchase Mazze tokens using fiat currency, effectively lowering the barrier for entry into the cryptocurrency world. The integration not only catered to seasoned crypto enthusiasts but also welcomed newcomers who might be less familiar with digital currency exchanges.

In addition, our partnership with FoxWallet played an important role in enhancing the overall security and functionality of user interactions with the Mazze platform. By integrating FoxWallet’s robust security features, we ensured that users’ assets and transactions are protected with cutting-edge technology, reinforcing trust and reliability within our community.

Revamping the User Interface

Another significant development in April was the complete redesign of our website. This overhaul was not merely cosmetic, it aimed to enhance user engagement through a more intuitive and responsive design. The new website sports a modern, clean aesthetic that resonates with our innovative ethos and provides a more user-friendly experience. Features such as improved navigation and faster load times make it easier for users to find information and interact with the platform effectively.

Boosting Community Engagement Through the Zealy Campaign

Moreover, the end of the Zealy campaign airdrop marked a pivotal moment for community engagement. Aimed at rewarding early adopters, this campaign facilitated the distribution of tokens to a broad and diverse audience, thereby fostering a sense of belonging and investment among community members. The airdrop not only incentivized participation but also sparked discussions and increased visibility across social platforms, further solidifying the community around the Mazze ecosystem.

Gaining Traction with EU’s Top Crypto Exchange

One of our standout achievements in April was securing a listing on P2B, the premier cryptocurrency exchange in the Europe. This significant milestone not only enhanced the visibility of our token but also greatly improved its accessibility, allowing a wider audience of investors and crypto enthusiasts to trade and engage with it. The listing on such a reputable platform has not only bolstered the credibility of our token but has also attracted a broader investor base, setting a strong foundation for future liquidity and market presence.

Milestone in Technical Development

Simultaneously, our development team was focused on enhancing the technical backbone of our project through rigorous smart contract development. This intensive period of coding and testing culminated in the successful launch of our testnet — a critical step that allows us to evaluate the robustness and effectiveness of our blockchain under real-world conditions. The testnet serves as a proving ground for all the features and functionalities of Mazze, enabling us to refine our technology in a controlled environment before full-scale public deployment.

Upcoming Tools and Campaigns to Engage the Community

Looking ahead, the roadmap for the near future is filled with promising developments. We are on the cusp of unveiling MazzeScan Explorer, a dedicated blockchain explorer for our network. This tool will provide users and developers with a powerful resource for tracking transactions, diagnosing network conditions, and gaining insights into block activities, which are crucial for both transparency and user engagement.

Incentivizing Community Involvement

Additionally, we are preparing to launch an incentivized campaign on our testnet. This initiative is designed to encourage participation by rewarding users who actively engage in testing and providing feedback on our system. The campaign aims to simulate a full-scale operational environment with real user interactions, which is invaluable for assessing the scalability and security of our blockchain. By incentivizing participation, we expect to attract a diverse range of users from the community, further enriching our testnet’s developmental feedback and accelerating our progress towards a refined, user-oriented blockchain ecosystem.

Expanding Team Capabilities Leads to Early DEX Launch

The expansion of our team has been an important factor in enhancing the capabilities of the Mazze blockchain ecosystem. With the recruitment of some experimented blockchain developers and project managers, we have successfully broadened our technical and operational bandwidth. This strategic growth has facilitated the early initiation of MazzeDEX, the first DEX within our ecosystem, reflecting our proactive approach and readiness to accelerate key projects.

MazzeDEX represents a significant advancement for our platform, aiming to provide a seamless and secure trading environment for our users. It is designed to support the trading of MAZZE/ETH, MAXXE/ETH and MAZZE/MAXXE pairs initially, with plans to expand the range of tradable assets as the platform evolves. The decision to kick off with a fair launch strategy for MazzeDEX is intentional, ensuring that we generate substantial liquidity right from the start. This approach not only bolsters user confidence but also establishes a solid foundation for sustainable trading volumes and market stability.

Strategic Recruitment of Node Operators

As we continue to enhance our infrastructure and expand our network, the recruitment of node operators remains a priority. These operators will play a crucial role in decentralizing and securing the network, ensuring that the Mazze blockchain is robust, scalable, and capable of handling the increasing demands of a growing user base. The involvement of node operators will further democratize the process of network validation and governance, reinforcing the decentralized ethos of the Mazze ecosystem.

Commitment to Excellence in Blockchain

Looking forward, the Mazze community can anticipate a platform that not only meets the current demands of blockchain technology users but exceeds them. We are committed to building a user-centric ecosystem that offers enhanced functionality, superior user experience, and a transparent operational framework. This commitment is driven by our understanding of the transformative potential of blockchain technology and our desire to make a lasting impact in the digital economy. The progress on MazzeDEX and other key initiatives within our roadmap are integral steps toward achieving a more inclusive, efficient, and innovative blockchain environment.

The advancements made in April are just a glimpse of what’s to come. With the Mazze team’s relentless drive and innovative spirit, the future of our blockchain ecosystem is bright, promising to bring transformative changes to the digital landscape.




Mazze is a Layer 1 blockchain that redefines performance through its PoW-based DAG architecture, achieving 40,000 TPS and 1s finality.