Connecting with the Community: Highlights from Mazze’s Latest AMA

14 min readJul 5, 2024


Staying connected with the community and addressing their concerns is crucial for the success of any project. Today, we are excited to share the results of our latest AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, where the core team behind Mazze engaged directly with our dedicated community members. This AMA was an excellent opportunity for us to provide insights, clarify doubts and outline our vision for the future of Mazze.

The importance of such interactive sessions cannot be overstated. They foster transparency, build trust and ensure that our community feels heard and valued. In this AMA, we covered a broad range of topics, from project milestones and future plans to technical details and financial strategies. Our goal is to keep our community informed and engaged, ensuring that they are an integral part of our journey towards creating a robust and innovative blockchain ecosystem.

We invite you to get into the questions and answers from today’s AMA, which reflect the collective curiosity and enthusiasm of our community. Thank you for your continued support and for being a vital part of the Mazze project. Together, we are building something remarkable.

Introduction and Project Overview

Can you introduce your project and its primary goals?

Mazze aims to create a PoW blockchain that leverages the speed and scalability offered by DAG, along with the adoption and versatility of EVM. At the same time, it is designed as a community-oriented project, avoiding the negative effects of being driven by venture capitalists and private investors. Our goal is to make it a free project where the community takes priority.

What is the motivation, final goal and reward of the core team behind Mazze?

Our motivation and final goal are to create a strong community-oriented product, demonstrating that it can be done without the help of VCs and private investors dictating the project direction.

What role does the MAZZE token on Ethereum play and how will the transition to the native MAZZE token on the Mazze blockchain be made?

The MAZZE token on Ethereum has had multiple roles. Firstly, it enabled us to create the initial IDO, which helped finance the project in its early stages and create liquidity for trading. Secondly, the 1% fee on Uniswap provides us with a long-term financing system to avoid selling tokens. Having a token before the mainnet goes live allows us to build a community, which is very important. Additionally, listing on a CEX is much more accessible technically if the token is on a well-known chain like Ethereum. The transition to the mainnet will be done through a two-way bridge. However, the token will continue to exist both on Ethereum and the mainnet. When a token is locked in the bridge on Ethereum, a token is unlocked on Mazze at the same address. That’s the basic mechanism.

We know the team is anonymous. Will there be a time when the team members will be made public? How can you guarantee the project’s future development if the team remains anonymous?

Indeed, the team is anonymous, but that hasn’t stopped us from bringing the project to this point. We want our actions to reflect who we are more than our names. As can be seen on-chain, even though a considerable amount of tokens has been unlocked from the vesting contracts, we haven’t sold any of those tokens and the ones we have withdrawn from those contracts have been used with the utmost responsibility, especially concerning price stability. This speaks volumes about us and our dedication to the project. As for the future, it’s not out of the question for the team to become public. Currently, we have some contractual constraints from the past that prevent us from going public because we don’t want to associate the Mazze project with the image of previous projects we’ve worked on, but this is just a temporary issue.

Project Milestones and Development

What are the major milestones on your project’s roadmap realized so far?

So far, our project has achieved several important milestones like conducting a successful public sale, building a strong community and listing our token on both a DEX and two CEXs. We have also integrated fiat on-ramp solutions (Flooz) and Fox Wallet, successfully implemented the EVM on our DAG structure, launched our testnet and MazzeScan Explorer and organized a successful incentivized campaign on the testnet. These accomplishments have significantly contributed to the development and growth of our ecosystem.

When is Mainnet launch expected?

We don’t want to throw out exact dates, but we are confident it will be live sooner than we initially planned. Regarding the roadmap, it will likely happen at the beginning of the specified interval rather than towards the end.

Recently, the plan was changed due to the involvement of another team. Could you please explain the advantages of the new plan compared to the previous one? Will it slow down the development process?

Our plan remains unchanged: to develop a competitive product. Introducing PoS into the equation brings long-term benefits, not only for network security but also for token stability, adding another layer of utility. While we needed some time to acclimate new teams, we gained this time once we actually started working together. We have a well-established workflow with set milestones and we are here to build a solid chain.

Technical Development and Protocol Details

Could you please give us a more detailed description of the implementation? For example, as for POW+POS, what is placed in the POW layer and what about the POS one? How the two layers are constructed? Also, can we have a more realistic estimate of TPS? Apparently the number 40k is quite high. Is it still practical? Under what circumstances? If possible, how is this goal achieved?

PoW and PoS are separate, each playing an important role. PoW generates blocks and creates the basic structure of the chain. PoS provides a finalization mechanism and additional security. Blocks generated through PoW are confirmed and finalized through PoS consensus. The new blockchain’s target is 2 blocks per second, but it is not limited to this number. The only constraints are network propagation time and node processing capacity. A safe initial target is 6,000 simple token transfer transactions and this number will be confirmed through planned tests, such as the ‘break the chain’ event. The PoW/DAG part of the chain can support a very high number of TPS. However, the EVM layer limits it by its nature and how it is constructed. There are methods to surpass these limits, which theoretically would work, but we can only test them once we have the final form of the chain.

If we choose one of the main branches of DAG to achieve EVM-compatibility, will it slow down the mainnet? How is the selection done? What does the other branches do then?

The EVM requires a linear transaction sequence, while the DAG creates a non-linear, tree-like structure. To achieve this, Mazze uses an innovative approach and doesn’t select a specific branch of the DAG for EVM compatibility; execution is handled in a parallel environment. This approach doesn’t slow down the main network, as both environments operate simultaneously, efficiently utilizing network resources. There’s no actual selection of branches; instead, transactions are automatically directed to the appropriate environment based on their type. All parts of the structure contribute to processing transactions.

We’d like to know more technical details, so when will update some core code, not the forked code?

The Devnet is almost finished, and we’re aiming to make it public as soon as possible. With the launch of the Devnet and the new RPC going live, you will have access to all Mazze-Rust code. The infrastructure is already deployed, and we’re running the final tests now, so you won’t have to wait much longer.

Marketing, Community Engagement, and Partnerships

Do you have a marketing plan already? How do you support it financially?

As you’ve seen recently, a very large and well-known project invested over 36$ million in marketing, yet the coin price did not perform positively. This shows that just “throwing money at marketing” doesn’t necessarily help. However, marketing is important and we’re trying to find a balanced position where we combine the upcoming external node campaign for devnet (free marketing done by the community) with a marketing campaign and partnerships with other entities in this industry to gain more visibility. Our project needs visibility, not just any influencer saying “buy MAZZE” and so on… We’re trying to do everything as professionally and responsibly as possible, with a focus on results.

Important for a project dev’s to be continually active Twitter and Discord. There have been long periods of silence. How will you rectify this?

We have accustomed the community to posting only important announcements of general interest, avoiding posts solely for engagement. However, we are exploring the option of making more frequent posts, including those aimed at community engagement and small updates we normally wouldn’t post.

Are there any further listings planned for Mazze and did you already have the chance to talk to bigger CEX’s to push adoption even further? If so, are there any plans on when this will take place?

Since the community in China is very large, there are discussions about listing the token on a CEX available to them. However, no decision has been made yet because the CEXs preferred by the Chinese community have high volume requirements. Therefore, this decision heavily depends on market sentiment, which is currently not favorable.

What are the next big integrations or partnerships planned for the Mazze ecosystem?

Unfortunately, we can’t announce partnerships in advance, as we’ve done in the past. Each partnership will be announced only after the deal is finalized. This is a common and fair procedure.

While the Team has already proved its skill with all the events and progress so far. Are there any major things that you would do different looking back onto the last few months or going forward?

Perhaps a small regret is that we could have developed the project more before releasing the token, so the community’s wait for the mainnet launch wouldn’t be so long. On the other hand, releasing the token helped us in many ways, so we chose the most suitable option for the existing situation.

Financial Stability and Future Funding

Do you have sufficient fund to function throughout Year 2024? How do you promise that the project could be delivered smoothly and on time? I’m asking since I haven’t seen any source of income.

For this year, we definitely have enough funds, especially since the project had a very good volume on Uniswap in the first few months and we receive 1% of this volume as fees, which is one of our revenue sources. As you can also see on-chain, we haven’t sold any of the tokens that have been unlocked in the vesting contracts because it hasn’t been necessary. We are trying to continue this way to avoid putting pressure on the token price and help it consolidate.

As mentioned in the AMA you have enough funding for the time being. Are there any ideas how you will fund the project and build revenue once you might have higher costs due to a bigger team or more expensive developments?

As mentioned earlier, the MAZZE token will continue to exist on Ethereum, so we will continue to receive fees from trading on Uniswap. Additionally, we have tokens allocated specifically for team growth and development. However, we will try to avoid accessing these tokens except in extreme situations.

We can borrow some ideas from Toncoin. The founders sell Toncoin to some institutional investors with vesting period between 1 and 5 years. This largely reduced the selling pressure.

We have already talked with certain entities in the crypto investment field, such as DWF Labs. The discussions are still ongoing, but we haven’t reached a final deal yet because it seems we need to meet certain criteria. For example, some have asked for higher organic volume, while others said they can complete their analysis of our project only after our mainnet is live. These criteria will eventually be met, so we are confident that we could finalize these deals in the future.

Node Management and Mining

When will the external node recruitment campaign start? Is there any specific requirement on the external nodes?

The external node recruitment campaign will begin after we launch the Devnet. There will be certain requirements because, as you know, mining is more demanding than running a validator node in a PoS system. These details will be published on all official channels once the Devnet is live.

Will I be able to delegate my $MAZZE tokens, stake and run my own NODE at the same time on the Mazze Network?

Yes, you can stake tokens with an agency, so you don’t have to run your own validator. Each agency sets its own fee, which is taken from the rewards generated by the network.

When mainnet is ready, I can introduce some mining resources to Mazze. When do you think it’s the best time to do that?

The best time to introduce mining resources to Mazze would be shortly after the mainnet launch. This timing ensures that the network is stable and fully operational. Early involvement can also help you capitalize on potential rewards and establish a strong position within the network.

Security and Resilience

How do we make sure miners don’t keep dumping their tokens and bringing the price down once they hit a block or so?

There is a mechanism in the protocol that allows the percentage of rewards distributed between miners and PoS to be adjusted through voting. This ensures that the distribution remains fair.

Recently there was an inscription event on Kaspa mainnet. The system crashed when there were only fewer than 1000 users. How do we make sure such an issue does not happen to Mazze? Inscription could be a valid test of the mainnet stability.

We see inscriptions as block real estate that can be allocated based on requirements. It’s important to consider that the block size is much smaller than Bitcoin. Each block in the DAG has a maximum size of 200KB and this needs to be factored in when dealing with inscriptions. However, we do not need inscriptions because we have a virtual machine that runs smart contracts natively, so there is no need for inscriptions. Inscriptions usually have practical applications within blockchains that do not support smart contracts, such as Bitcoin. To avoid any bottlenecks, we are planning a “break the chain” event for Mazze with the devnet launch to test the limits.

Community Governance and Engagement

MAZZE holders will qualify for the DAO in Mazze network? Participate in voting to approve designs, marketing in the Ecosystem?

As we mentioned earlier, Mazze aims to be a community-oriented project. So, at some point, when the chain reaches a mature state and all the source code is available, there will indeed be a need for a form of governance to emphasize this community-oriented attribute.

After the Mainnet launch, are there plans to host a Mazze physical conference where developers can pitch to the team projects they have in mind but do not have enough funds to kickstart? And if not how will developers go about pitching potential projects to the team.

We currently have an internal proposal under discussion to create a community-managed fund. Essentially, anyone can propose a project, and those who have tokens staked can vote on whether the project should be funded directly on-chain with the release of funds.

How are you planning to bring further growth in holders/users after the mainnet launch? Will there be certain applications that set Mazze apart from other chains or that would bring more traffic to Mazze on general?

In the future, we plan to host a hackathon and offer developer grants, which we hope will attract developers. Additionally, we will have MazzeDEX, which will allow for fees of up to 5% (it can be used for memes, for example), which could also help in this regard.

General Questions and Future Plans

How is the listing time and coin issuance of dex planned?

MazzeDEX was supposed to be live by now, but we decided to delay it because launching the DEX with a new token could draw liquidity away from MAZZE, which we don’t want, especially given the current unfavorable market conditions. MazzeDEX will be created to support both the Mazze ecosystem and the MAZZE token.

In addition to DEX, do you guys have any plans for other ecosystem development, say loan protocol? After DEX comes out, is there any plan to increase TVL since TVL is such an important indicator for the project valuation? I’ve heard you guys have some plan to burn tokens, if that’s the case, how much do you plan to burn?

A loan protocol is indeed the first protocol we plan to build in-house after the DEX. Together, they can certainly help increase TVL. Regarding the token burn, there will definitely be a mechanism, apart from burning a portion of the fees, but it hasn’t been concretely established yet. Additionally, we may need to adjust the tokenomics if liquidity can’t satisfy the pressure from the inflation created by mining. In that case, it’s very likely we will burn a considerable portion of tokens.

Is there any plan for the development of meme coins to compete with Solana axis since it is a great source of income today memecoin?

Solana has already had several direct competitors without much success. Memes play an important role because they bring liquidity into the ecosystem, and we are exploring this. It’s crucial to balance projects that can increase Mazze’s visibility without turning it into a niche blockchain.

It is now evident that a Blockchain having one or two successful meme coins is one of the efficient ways to bring awareness of an emerging blockchain to the crypto community. My question is, does the team have any plans of launching a meme coin? If not, will the team be open to supporting a meme coin launched by a member of the community after they make sure everything about it is in order?

We are not planning to release any meme coins, but we are willing to support any community initiatives as long as they can bring benefits to the ecosystem.

When will it be possible to swap into Mazze within Tangem wallet?

We will take this question as a suggestion and initiate the integration process with this wallet if their conditions are met. For example, Trust Wallet requires the token to have a minimum of 10,000 holders for listing. So, we will also explore the possibility of integrating with Tangem Wallet..

Do you plan to increase buy/sell tax to avoid mev bot like jaredfromsubway?

We cannot intervene in the liquidity pool to modify the taxes. The smart contract was designed from the beginning to be tax-free. Therefore, we cannot set taxes on the smart contract.

Could you address the airdrop from the latest Zealy campaign?

The recently concluded testnet campaign had a lot of participants, and the airdrop could have a significant impact given the current liquidity. That’s why we’ve decided to delay the airdrop until market conditions are more favorable. We might synchronize it with a major positive announcement to help mitigate any potential token sell-off from the airdrop recipients.

For the newly joined developing team, what sector do they cover mainly? Devnet or DEX development?

The newly joined development team is helping us speed up the development of the devnet/mainnet. The devnet is the final version of the chain and if it meets the criteria for stability, speed and security, it will be used for the mainnet. This is the usual procedure; before launching the mainnet of a chain, the exact same version needs to be tested beforehand in the form of a devnet.

There has been a lot of panic recently about the uncertainty of the project. Do you have any plans to deal with it?

We hope that with this AMA and the updates coming in the next days, this panic will subside. We want the community to realize that we are working hard and are just as committed as you are to achieving every point on the roadmap within the expected timeframe.

The AMA session with the Mazze team provided valuable insights into our project’s progress, future plans and the challenges we face. It was a testament to our commitment to transparency and community engagement. Your questions and feedback are crucial as we continue to develop and refine our vision for Mazze.

We are grateful for the unwavering support and enthusiasm from our community. Together, we are not just building a blockchain, we are creating a vibrant ecosystem driven by innovation and collaboration. As we move forward, your involvement will remain a cornerstone of our success.




Mazze is a Layer 1 blockchain that redefines performance through its PoW-based DAG architecture, achieving 40,000 TPS and 1s finality.