A Promising Start with Zealy Campaign on Mazze Testnet

3 min readMay 26, 2024


The Mazze community is buzzing with activity as the Zealy campaign for the Mazze Testnet kicked off just 4 days ago. In this short period, the engagement and participation levels have been impressive, showcasing the community’s enthusiasm and the potential of the Mazze Testnet.

Highlights from the First Four Days

  • Within the first four days, there are already 1197 wallet addresses holding MAZZE tokens on the testnet. This rapid adoption indicates strong community interest and trust in the Mazze ecosystem.
  • The Mazze Testnet has seen the creation of 289 unique tokens, reflecting the community’s creativity and willingness to explore the platform’s capabilities.
  • Additionally, 321 smart contracts have been deployed, demonstrating the developers’ commitment to testing and optimizing their projects on Mazze.
  • Over 2,000 transactions have been processed on the Mazze Testnet. This high transaction volume is a testament to the network’s usability and the community’s active participation in testing its functionality.
  • The testnet faucet has been utilized nearly 1,000 times, ensuring that participants have access to the necessary test MAZZE tokens to engage with the platform and conduct their transactions.
  • Among the tokens created, the Lucky token stands out with over 355 holders. This popularity suggests that the Lucky token has quickly gained traction and interest within the community, potentially due to its unique attributes or perceived value.

Community Feedback on Mazze Testnet

The community’s feedback on the Mazze Testnet has been overwhelmingly positive. Participants have expressed their satisfaction with the seamless and swift transactions, easy token creation process, and user-friendly interface.

Community Engagement and Future Prospects

The enthusiastic participation in the Zealy campaign highlights the strength and vibrancy of the Mazze community. As the campaign progresses, the community’s feedback and the data collected will be instrumental in refining and enhancing the Mazze platform. The continuous deployment of smart contracts and creation of tokens will further test the network’s capabilities, paving the way for a robust and secure mainnet launch.

The initial success of the Zealy campaign on the Mazze Testnet is a promising indicator of the potential and resilience of the Mazze ecosystem. With continued community support and active participation, Mazze is poised to make significant strides in the blockchain space. The next steps will be crucial in building on this momentum and achieving long-term success.




Mazze is a Layer 1 blockchain that redefines performance through its PoW-based DAG architecture, achieving 40,000 TPS and 1s finality.